engine8 is committed to the design, development and manufacture of capable and reliable unmanned systems by applying years of experience gained designing unmanned systems for the U.S. military and bringing a level of technology, previously unavailable, to the civilian drone market.



All-weather Capable UAV
Hand Launched UAV
Hand Launched UAV
Compact UAS
Car Transport
Imager Turret
Imager Turret
Multi Mission UAS


- Fully autonomous, hand launched, single person operation
- Ruggedized, waterproof airframe for reliable use in all weather conditions
- Near VTOL like performance with steep (2:1) climb‐out and landing approach. Enabling operation from    confined clearings, and safe recovery in high winds
- Small footprint. No Launchers, bungees, recovery equipment or parachutes
- Silent electrical operation with 4hrs endurance.
- Mechanically and digitally stabilized, geo‐referenced video (H.264 with KLV Metadata)
- Scene Lock, Target Tracking, Target Following
- Daylight, IR and Dual Imagers, available in swappable imager pods
- Digital, encrypted radio link (3G link available)
- Multi UAV, beyond line of sight operation

- Freely exportable with U.S. Dept. of Commerce approval


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Hand Launched UAV

Fully autonomous UAV, multi-mission capable: Security, Surveillance, Search and Rescue, Aerial Delivery, Surveying.